Friday, March 12, 2010

Zibbet and Etsy

PLEASE USE MY LINK to sign up! Thanks!

So I am very dedicated to Etsy and I absolutely love it there but someone referred me to Zibbet the other day and it is AWESOME.

Bare with me here...

Zibbet has little widgets you can add to the side of your page! You can have Etsy on your Zibbet page!!

Not only that but there are no listing fees and no fees taken out when you sell something! If you want the premium account it's only $7 dollars a month (which is much less than I pay for Etsy) and it lets you customize your entire site.

I figured why not just try it. There is a FREE 7 day trial code to try out the premium which is FREETRIAL so make sure you enter that when trying.

If you are going to try please click on here so I get a discount on my monthly bill for referring you! Or go to

Try it out! At least for 7 days!


  1. Found you through the Follow Friday thread on Etsy! Hope you'll visit my blog at

  2. He there, I found you through the Etsy forums :D - good luck with your Zibbet shop, it will be a great site once it gets some exposure, I also have a shop open there but currently don't have any listings on Zibbet, only on Etsy :D

  3. Nice post! This blog is gorgeous BTW, and your work and photographs are just stunning. I doubt you'd have any trouble selling anywhere!

  4. Thank you! I just started putting it together :] I hope to blog alot more in the future! I really love the community at Zibbet as well. I just started on their forums tonight and they are super sweet and everyone is so inviting.

  5. Saw your post in the etsy forum & I'm heading over to zibbet to take a look! Beautiful blog and work!