Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Pom Pom Hat Giveaway

I am in a bit of a dilemma! I really want to open a second shop that has my adult hats and items in it so that they aren't combined with my baby items. I think they would get more exposure that way. However, I can't come up with a name!

So, I am going to do a giveaway to figure out my new shop name! Here is how you get entered into my giveaway:

All you need to do is: Post a comment here with a name for my new shop!

I would like a name that is similar to LoveByCC so that people will know it is me.

Here are two pictures of the Baby Pom Pom Hat:

I do have different colors as well, so if you win, you get to choose the color!

The giveaway will end in a week from today on April 3rd or when I find the perfect name! Thanks for all who participate :]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

I have a lot on my mind this Tuesday!

I am currently thinking about this craft fair that is coming up very fast! I need to crochet my butt off to get enough items at this craft show. I also am looking for something to display my hats on at the craft fair. I am thinking of something like this (on the right). I am just not sure where to get these displays from! I know some of them are from Ebay but the shipping for them cost more than the display itself!

I am also thinking about making my own. I saw a great tutorial on how to make shelves for craft shows. I think I am going to try it for the table. Here is how it goes:

First you need: 4 cans of food (same type so it will be even), 4 pieces of color construction paper, and last but not least some kind of planks or shelves.

Second: Use the construction paper to cover the cans so that they will look "pretty".

Lastly: Stack your cans and your shelves up however high you would like!

I took this tutorial from the California Crafters Club of Etsy so thanks to them! :]

Monday, March 22, 2010


The other day while searching and searching for dog treats on Etsy, I ran across divinecanine. I really don't mind buying from people that don't have many sales, I actually like to buy from those people to "boost" their feedback and sales but when looking for treats for my dog I thought I'd better look for someone that has a good reputation.

The first thing I noticed about divinecanine was that she had sales in the 400 range. This was really good. The second thing I noticed was her wonderful feedback! Then I went ahead and messaged her about which treats she thought would be great for my pup. Not only did she respond within the hour but she was super nice and had plenty of options for me.

Now for the inspiration part...while I was talking to her in convos, I was reading her profile (I like to get to know the person I am buying from) and I noticed she said she is blind. Not only is she blind but she got bite by a dog which is what made her blind. After our sale was complete I politely asked her about her situation. She was bite by a dog when she was younger in one eye and developed a rare disease which caused her to become blind in the other eye as well resulting in full blindness. She does not believe it is the dog's fault and doesn't blame the dog. She also explained how she met a wonderful man and has a child as well. She said that she is very happy with her life.

I am so inspired to be more like this lady. To look past anything bad that has happened in life and look towards the future, without having negativity.

Also, I can't wait to get my dog treats from her! I am super excited to give them to my puppy Gizmo, I'm sure he will love them! :]

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finds - TimothyAdamDesigns

I have been deciding whether or not to do craft fairs lately and thinking about all the things I need to aquire before I sign up for one. One thing I really really want is a cute business card holder that I could put my business cards in on my table so they aren't just sitting on the table. While on my search for business cards and while browsing the forums on Etsy, I came across TimothyAdamDesigns. His stuff is so unique and wonderful! Once I get a few more sales, I hope to buy this business card holder:

I also love his jewelry displays, which go well with his business card holder:

Maybe one day he will listing a hat rack or something like that for me to use at craft shows!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mylovies, Etsy Feature, Jewelry

It all happened one day when I found out I was featured in a treasury. (Oh how we all LOVE to be in those!) I clicked on the person that had put me in this gorgeous treasury which happened to be mylovies.

Her jewelry immediately JUMPED out at me...

I fell in love with this necklace:

and this one:

I favorited them and wanted them but I didn't have the money to spend. Then I found out the Love necklace was sold and I splurged and bought the Hope takes flight necklace. I am going to be receiving it in a few days and I can't wait!!

Check out my of mylovies work at

Not only is her work gorgeous she is so sweet too and the transaction went super smooth!

Zibbet and Etsy

PLEASE USE MY LINK to sign up! Thanks!

So I am very dedicated to Etsy and I absolutely love it there but someone referred me to Zibbet the other day and it is AWESOME.

Bare with me here...

Zibbet has little widgets you can add to the side of your page! You can have Etsy on your Zibbet page!!

Not only that but there are no listing fees and no fees taken out when you sell something! If you want the premium account it's only $7 dollars a month (which is much less than I pay for Etsy) and it lets you customize your entire site.

I figured why not just try it. There is a FREE 7 day trial code to try out the premium which is FREETRIAL so make sure you enter that when trying.

If you are going to try please click on here so I get a discount on my monthly bill for referring you! Or go to

Try it out! At least for 7 days!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pictures, Babies, Hats, Crocheting, Craft Fair, Etsy

Wow, I haven't posted in a LONG time! I have been oh so busy with crocheting, getting pictures done of my items, fulfilling my orders, and getting ready for my first craft fair!

Yesterday I got a message from a nice lady asking me to attend a craft fair she is hosting. I am so excited and can't wait! It is a little over a month away so I have to start crafting away and get TONS of hats made. Its going to be a lot of work but I think I can do it. I am super excited.

I am hoping to find good ways to display my hats!

Here are a few of my new hats and pictures of the adorable babies:

If you like any of these hats or cocoons, please visit my shop!