Friday, February 12, 2010

Twitter Giveaway Winner! And a special for those who tweeted!

Soooo...I was doing the Twitter giveaway to the 1031st person who retweeted me, however it didn't work out as expected.

The giveaway was lasting way too long and not enough people were tweeting. So I decided to take those who were tweeting and enter them into a random number generator and get the winner. For those who tweeted multiple times, they got their name entered in as many times as they tweeted.

For those who didn't win...I am doing a special for you! Buy a scarf and get a beret free! If you are into the baby items, then buy one and get one half off! I have a list of the people who retweeted me so just mention it in a conversation to me on Etsy or in the notes to seller and I will refund any differences Thanks!

The prize was this cute neckwarmer:

The winner is... ANARIA! Congratulations! I hope you love your neckwarmer! :]

Thanks everyone for playing along! I hope to have more and more giveaways in the future!

Etsy Tips and Hints

Hello Etsy sellers! I started my shop about a month ago and am still learning all the ins and outs of Etsy. Here are a few things that I have learned. Please feel free to comment and add things you have learned. We all need to learn more to get a few more sales here and there!

1) Fill out your policy and profile! I have heard time and time again that people who buy from Etsy like to know about the seller they are buying from. Why loose a sale when you could just take 10-15 minutes to fill out the profile so people know a little more about you!

2) PHOTOS! PHOTOS! PHOTOS! We can't hear it enough but if you have bad photos it is hard to sell things! So work on making those photos right! This post on Etsy has ALOT of info on it for good photos.

3) Business cards. Gosh business cards are amazing! Get some business cards and hand them out to friends, family, coworkers, etc. They will tell people about you! They are great. Overnightprints usually has free 100-500 business cards for new people, you just need to pay shipping...GREAT DEAL....don't pass it up. Also, add a business card into your packaging! People sometimes forget your info so it would be great for them to have it especially when they are opening up their package.

4) Networking. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Blogging! All those are great tools. I started a Flickr and joined a few groups and what do you know! I got a sale from it :] Here is some info for Twitter:

5) WEAR YOUR ITEMS! (if you can) Wearing your items is always a great idea because people then might ask you where you got it from and *boom* you can pull out that business card you have been carrying with you and *another boom* SALE!

6) Read the Etsy forums. There are so many posts and help from wonderful people there. It has helped me so much and I hope it can help you.

If you have any more tips, please post them! I'd like to know! :]

Scarf Giveaway and Baby Hat Photography Prop Giveaway!

Soo I have started a few giveaways lately. The first one I am trying came from an idea from the Etsy forums. It is supposed to help me get views, hearts, twitter fans, and hopefully sales! This one is for this scarf:


To enter this giveaway, add me to Twitter:
and RT this message: *WIN THIS SCARF* 1031th RT wins, max 1 RT each hour

Now for the second giveaway, I got featured in a blog with a giveaway (which I am super excited about!) I am giving away this cute pom pom hat great for a photography prop or even just for a baby to wear!

To win ONE of these cute hats, go to this blog and do what it says to be entered!

Can't wait to see the results on these! Thanks everyone who enters :]