Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Finds - TimothyAdamDesigns

I have been deciding whether or not to do craft fairs lately and thinking about all the things I need to aquire before I sign up for one. One thing I really really want is a cute business card holder that I could put my business cards in on my table so they aren't just sitting on the table. While on my search for business cards and while browsing the forums on Etsy, I came across TimothyAdamDesigns. His stuff is so unique and wonderful! Once I get a few more sales, I hope to buy this business card holder:

I also love his jewelry displays, which go well with his business card holder:

Maybe one day he will listing a hat rack or something like that for me to use at craft shows!


  1. Thanks for the great feature!!

  2. His stuff is amazing. That business card holder is gorgeous.

  3. I've been getting ready for a couple shows. Those are the exact two items I would love to purchase as well. Such cool stuff!

  4. No problem! Your stuff is so gorgeous! I agree that the business card holder is amazing and I can't wait to buy it! I hope that it's still there when I am ready or something similar but I'm sure there will be something I like! :]