Friday, June 4, 2010

Boston, New Hampshire, Maine

My trip to Boston was AMAZING. We did so much in so little time. We went to Boston, New Hampshire (for about an hour), Maine, then to Cape Cod. It is incredible how you can go through 3 states in an hour or less! Here in California we have to go 4 hours to get to another state and in only 2 hours we are in another country!

We went to the famous "Boulevard Diner". It has about 5 tables and a counter top. The waitress was also the cook! It was great :]

In Boston we did the "Duck Boat Tour". It was so worth it! It was about 90 minutes and took us through the most historical and great places in Boston. I loved it :]

We also stopped by Faneuil Hall and got some great "Chowda". We took the "T" to get to Fenway and took a few pictures of it. We were going to do a tour however it was every hour on the hour and we got there are 2:10. We didn't want to wait an hour!

Maine was GORGEOUS! I loved all the nature :] We ended up in Kennebunkport, ME at a house for a family reunion. It was on the beach but in the forest at the same time. You could go out the front door and be on the beach or go in the backyard and be in the forest. It is amazing!

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