Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Heidenreich Auction Fundraiser

Can you imagine not being able to have a baby of your own? My heart breaks for a good friend of mine who wants to have a baby but can't. Allie & Chad have been great friends of my husband and I for a long long time. My husband has known them since elementary school and we have been close for years. I really want to  host a fundraiser to help them raise money so they are able to fulfill their family dreams. Here is a little back story on them: 

Chad & Allie are junior high sweethearts. They got married a couple years ago and have always wanted to have kids. Unfortunately, Allie was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-K├╝ster-Hauser syndrome when she was 16. She was born without a uterus and can not have children except through a surrogate. It is going to cost them thousands ($20,000++) to have a child of their own. They are starting their journey to save money and make their family dreams come true. You can read more about them here:
Here is a photo of them:

If you would like to be a vendor participating in this auction style fundraiser, please email me at with your shop name, facebook page, and also a picture and value of your donation. I am accepting any and all donations. I will also give you all the details regarding the start date. I am going to make a tab on my Facebook page with all the vendors information to hopefully get you "likes" and will also post your items for the fundraiser on my page with a link to your FB page. 

Thank you very much for reading this. I appreciate it so much!

Friday, September 21, 2012

And the winners of the LoveByCC 20,000 Fan Giveaway are...

This giveaway was amazing and such a blessing. I am so glad that each and everyone of you participated! Thank you for making this giveaway such a success!

I have extended our offer of 30% off all ready to ship for one extra day. Use code: 20KGIVEAWAY30 at checkout to receive the discount.

And the winners are...

Donna Allen
FotoTale Designs
Taylor Krassa
Little Loves Designs
Karen Cooper
Sugarflies Designs
Nicole Storm Krenzelok
Paturici Pentru Pitici
Shannon Sweeney
Busy Mommy of 5 Designs
Jennifer Gregg
Loopsy Daisy
Brianne Michele
Darn Fanciful
Barbara Donovan Skerritt
Whimsical Warmth
Jill K Myers
Shutter Chic Boutique
Kerrie Ackerly
Bean's Knots & Whatnots
Jessi Whitney Pearson
Prop Me Up Prop Shop
Amy Leah Murphy
Ellie Bellie Design
Carrie Savard
Jessys Props and Creations
Lisa O'Halloran
Stitches by Sarah
Karina Vaandering
Cream of the Prop
Kimberly Hayes
Leighton Heritage
Patricia Stange
Monkey Moo Moo
Brittany Henry Anderson
Shannon Granger Scott
Newbie Noggins
Sorin Popescu
Lola Wraps
Justyna Kopac
Two Crafty Mamas
Brianna Weichel
Amy Whittard
Soul Blossom Boutique
Shannon Pataky
Life in my PJs
Sarah Allenstein
Room to Grow
Kristeen Hudson
Bean Bailey
Lisa Stout
Cotton Blossoms
Heather Rae Olson
Summer's Inspirations
Angela Williams
Beautiful Photo Props
Nicole Storm Krenzelok
The Knitting Bitty
Katie Hale Fritz
Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops
Christine Cluney
CastAway Collection
Christi Miller
DTP Actions & Design
Alaina Drummond Brenner
Cardboard Sheek
Danielle Campbell
Little Keira's Bows
Linda Jarcki
Baby Joy Studios
Nicole Rice
Kristen N Faherty
Kiwi and Kiki
Christie Eads LeMond
Rain Drops Photo Props
Misty Jo Stump
Gracie's Garden Designs
Tonia Primmer-Wangen
I Crochet
Pamela Gail Musser Torres
Print The Party
Lisa Lukach Milliron
Coco & Bubbles
Leah Shepherd
Purl Lamb
Mindy Schwartz Sorasky
Katie Slack York
What's Knot to Love
Jody Rollins
Christina Houser Photography
Valerie Braymen
Faas Design
Sheribeari Bartay
Giggled Pink
Stephanie Lee Kimble
Fresh Outta the Oven
Vanessa Dion
danicas chic bowtique
Kaitlin Boles
McCarthy Photography & Design
Sherri Burgan
Paris Texas Knits
Gail Squire Cruz
Learn Shoot Inspire
Nikki Painter
SNASSY Crafter Prop Shop
Stephanie Michelle Martin
Bumble Bee-Knees
Gladys E Arana
Peas and Quiet
Jody Rea Parrish
Hooked Crochet
Erin Brook Stafford-Eyster
kiddo designs
Lerma Moore
Harbor Knits
Ashleigh Slowik
Rumour Has It
Staci A Seals White
Crochet My Love Designs
Jade Kirey-Gregg
My Little Angels Prop Shop
Lorraine Serbinski
Raspberry And Lime
Laurie Artcliff
Ericka Hackenberg
Love That! Crochet
Beth Weldon-Muscarella
Cara Gaddis Otten
Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations
Laura Norberto Williams
Cute & Crafty Crochet
Sarah Carter
Beezy Mom's Creations
Nikki Norris
Spun Sugar Yarns
Amanda Bright-Van Fleet
Rare Love Photography
Tiffany Havens
Miss Lene's Photography Props
Mary Burks
My Simply Sweet Little Boutique
Nicole Glickman
Melody's Makings
Tami Shepherd Colyar
Paula Shoppe
Penny Mattox
Gardner Custom WoodCrafts
Colleen Ring Salmans
Stephanie Krupicka Photography
Deanna Siniscalchi-Gort

You will receive an email from me with the information in it, so please check your email and spam. Thank you!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LoveByCC 20,000 Fan Giveaway

I am shocked that I hit 20,000 fans on LoveByCC's Facebook page. It amazes me that each and every one of you is here. I am so very grateful to have you on my page, reading my updates, and loving my goodies. 

Without you, I wouldn't have been able to quit my full time job and have my passion as my job. I wouldn't be here today making these hats for you. 

If you are new to LoveByCC, I am a newly married, full-time small business owner, and am so thankful for YOU. LoveByCC is my passion and I love it with all my heart! This giveaway is a way for me to say thank you very much for supporting me, my business, and for allowing me to get where I am today.

A special thank you to all the vendors who have donated to this giveaway and have made it huge. We have 78 vendors, along with over $8000 in prizes! Isn't that amazing? There will be one winner per vendor prize, so a total of 78 prizes and winners! Good luck! Here is all the info for the giveaway:


Dates: The giveaway will start on September 13th, 2012 and end on September 20th, 2012 at midnight. The winners will be chosen on September 21st. 

Prizes: There are 78 vendors, 78 winners, over $8000 in prizes!

Discounts: Many of these wonderful vendors have provided a discount code. Most codes are only active during the giveaway. You will have an extra entry into the giveaway if you purchase during the giveaway!

How to Enter:

Entry #1 (Required) Like ALL vendors: Please scroll down to the Rafflecopter widget and enter that you have "liked" every vendor. It is require to you "like" them to enter. If you would like to leave some love on their pages, that would be great but isn't necessary. 

Entry #2 (Bonus) Share this giveaway: Share this giveaway on FB and tag us. Example: "@LoveByCC is having a HUGE 20,000 fan giveaway right now. Make sure to check it out! doing this, enter through the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the page. 

Entry #3 (Bonus) Sign up for our newsletter: 

After signing up for our newsletter, enter through the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of the page.

Entry #4 (Bonus) Purchase: Purchase any item from one of the vendors in the giveaway during the duration of the giveaway. Enter this bonus entry through the Rafflecopter on the bottom of this page.

Entry #5 (Bonus) Pin on Pinterest: Pin our giveaway on Pinterest and enter through the Rafflecopter on the bottom of this page.

Vendors & Prizes: 

LoveByCC | Store | Facebook

30% off Ready to Ship with discount code: 20KGIVEAWAY30

2 Hats of winner's choice
$75 to spend in our Ready to Ship Section

Life in my PJs Store | Facebook

20% off with code: GIVEAWAY
$100 Credit

AmeliaCalvin | Store | Facebook

3 Custom Newborn Hats of winner's choice. Worldwide shipping is included.

FotoTale Designs | Store | Facebook

30% off all orders over $20 with code: LOVE30

$100 Gift Certificate

Little Love's Designs Store | Facebook

20% off using code: LOVE20

Photo Prop Package

Sugarflies Designs Store | Facebook

12 Photography Templates

Paturici Pentru Pitici Store | Facebook
2 Sets of Hat & Leg Warmers. One Crocheted Flower Headband, One Booties, and One Bonnet. 

Busy Mommy of 5 Designs Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Loopsy Daisy Store | Facebook

The Tiniest Flyer Hat

Darn Fanciful | Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Whimsical Warmth | Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate to use on any Ready to Sell items

Shutter Chic Boutique | Store | Facebook

Bow Goodie Bag

Bean's Knots & Whatnots | Store | Facebook

10% off with code: FBLIKER10

$100 Credit to Etsy shop

Prop Me Up Prop Shop | Store | Facebook

$100 Shop Credit

Ellie Bellie Design | Store | Facebook

$100 Store Credit

Jessy's Props and Creations Store | Facebook
Cream Luxe Braid

Stitches by Sarah | Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Cream of the Prop | Store | Facebook

Sari Silk & Handspun Leggies Set
Twister Hat Size 3-6 Mo
Fall Flowers Headband

Leighton Heritage | Store | Facebook

$125 Shop Credit

Monkey Moo Moo Store | Facebook

$100 Store Credit

Imag-inationsStore | Facebook

50% off orders $50 or more using code: LOVEBYCC

$100 Shop Credit

Newbie NogginsStore | Facebook

10% off using coupon code: LOVEBYCC10

White Cotton Bonnet
White Stretch Knit Wrap
Yellow Backdrop Throw

Lola Wraps Store | Facebook

$100 Shop Credit

Two Crafty Mamas Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Card

Jilly Bean Crochet Store | Facebook

$100 Credit

Soul Blossom Boutique Store | Facebook

$100 Credit

Bean Bailey | Store | Facebook

Store Credit of $100

Cotton Blossoms | Store | Facebook

20% off with code: LOVEBYCC

$100 Gift Certificate

Summer's Inspirations | Store | Facebook

Grab bag of Rompers, Sash, and Headbands

Beautiful Photo Props | Store | Facebook

20% off with code: LOVEBYCC20

$100 Gift Certificate

The Knitting Bitty | Store | Facebook

Classic Lace Wrap
$50 Virtual Gift Certificate

Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops Store | Facebook

$30 Gift Certificate

CastAway Collection | Store | Facebook
10% off any order in Etsy shop with code: LOVEBYCC

Surprise Gift Basket filled with CastAway Collection Favorites!

DTP Actions & Design | Store | Facebook

$100 Store Credit

Cardboard Sheek | Store | Facebook

$100 Store Credit

Little Keira's Bows Store | Facebook

3 Headbands
2 Beanies
2 Lace Wraps

Baby Joy Studios Store | Facebook

Three Headbands
One Wrap

Kiwi & Kiki Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Rain Drops Photo Props Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Card

♥ Crochet Store | Facebook

Assorted Fall and Christmas items 0-3 Month Size

Print The Party Store | Facebook

$100 Credit

Coco & Bubbles | Store | Facebook

Soy Candle Gift Set. Includes:
3 Tumblers
4 Tins
$10 Gift Certificate

Purl Lamb | Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

CraftyCreations*MelaniebyDesign | Store | Facebook

Three Custom Crochet Hats (Newborn-2 Year)

What's Knot to Love Store | Facebook

$100 Credit

Christina Houser Photography | Store | Facebook

Newborn Headbands and Knit Hat

Faas Designs TM | Store | Facebook

2 Hats

Giggled Pink | Store | Facebook

$100 Store Credit
*Does not apply towards shipping or add-ons (like rush or custom orders) May not be used with any other discount and is nontransferable

Fresh Outta the Oven | Store | Facebook

Boy/Girl Superhero Set

Danica's Chic Boutique | Store | Facebook

20% off Etsy store with code: GIVEAWAY20

Gift Basket worth $100 of DCB Goodies

McCarthy Photography & Design | Store | Facebook

Both sets of Posing Videos:
Newborn Posing Set 1
Newborn Posing Set 2

Paris Texas Knits Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Learn Shoot Inspire Store | Facebook

15 Month Membership to Learn Shoot Inspire Forum

Snassy Crafter Prop Shop Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Bumble Bee-Knees | Store | Facebook

Christmas Prop Package:
The Littlest Reindeer Hat
Penguin Stripy Beanie
Holiday Headbands

Peas and Quiet | Store | Facebook

A set of Mini Blanket Squares

Hooked Crochet | Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Kiddo Designs Store | Facebook

25% off Etsy shop with code: KIDDO25

Three Mini Photo Prop Blankets

Harbor Knits Store | Facebook

Newborn Boy Prop Pack

Rumour Has It Store | Facebook

2 Beanies
1 Bonnet
1 Headband

Crochet My Love Store | Facebook

4 Month Subscription of Newest Crochet Patterns
$30 Gift Certificate to shop for Patterns or Actual Props

My Little Angel's Prop Shop Store | Facebook

15% off order with code: LOVE15

$100 Shop Credit

JennarationYarns Store | Facebook

$100 Shop Credit for Newborn Sized Items

Love That! Crochet Store | Facebook

4 Newborn Hats, Love That! Crochet chooses style and color.

AprilsYarnables Store | Facebook

1 Cocoon
1 Bonnet
2 Boy Hats
1 Bow Tie

Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate towards Etsy shop for Patterns or Items

Cute & Crafty Crochet Store | Facebook

25% off all purchases with code: LOVE25

Copy of every Crochet PDF Pattern: 50+ Patterns

Beezy Mom's Creations Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Spun Sugar Yarns Store | Facebook

Hand spun Yarn - Various Colors, Styles, and Yardage

Rare Love Photography Store | Facebook

10 Baby Bean Bags

Miss Lene's Photography Props Store | Facebook

Cotton Jersey Stocking Hat
Turban Beanie
Lace Fabric Bonnet
Shabby Chic Pixie
Helmet Hat
AND Free Shipping

My Simply Sweet Little Boutique Store | Facebook

Winner may choose any items from RTS album up to $100

Melody's Makings Store | Facebook

1 Year Subscription for any pattern released by Melody's Makings

Paula Shoppe Store | Facebook

$100 Gift Certificate

Raspberry and Lime Store | Facebook
$100 Gift Certificate

Gardner Custom WoodCrafts Store | Facebook 

Horse Intarsia Piece

Gracie's Garden | Store | Facebook

20% off entire purchase of $75 or more using code: LOVEBYCC

9 Lace Maternity/Newborn Wraps

Room to Grow | Store | Facebook

Mixture of 10 Bow Ties

Stephanie Krupicka Photography | Store | Facebook

One of a Kind Newborn Bonnet


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